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Giovani Altelino

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09 Feb 2021

A Year Or So With Clojure

The Why What made me interested in Clojure was Datomic, I was dealing with a problem at my work and the Datomic idea of ...
27 Dec 2020

Digital Ocean App Plataform Benchmark With Locust

I have moved this static blog to the Digital Ocean App Plataform, using their free tier, I’ve used it since the be...
15 Sep 2020

Whatsapp CRM

Github Project. This is not a C# nor a Blazor guide, in any means, it’s just a failed project overview. This was suppose...
19 Jun 2020

Hacker News Graphql

Github Project Hello dear reader, it’s May 2020, amid the Covid-19 infinite crisis, which caused some developers, ...
19 Jun 2020

Deployment Automation

If you looking to setup your static hugo website, I recommend you to read here instead. During the first deployment of t...